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11, Mission Circle, Mission Beach, Queensland 4852

Hi and welcome to Licuala Lodge - a unique, award-winning accommodation set in the tranquil township of Mission Beach.

The Lodge has a beautiful waterfall swimming pool, and on our panoramic breakfast verandah we serve the yummiest breakfast in the whole of Queensland. Relax in our prize-winning lush tropical gardens.

Beautiful Mission Beach Accommodation

All rooms in this wonderful 4 star rated Mission Beach accommodation are fully ensuite, complete with complimentary toiletries, ceiling fan, fluffy towels, a large shower and of course a teddy bear. Facilities include wireless internet (as you would expect), laundry, beach/pool towels. To counteract the fact that eating out at restaurants each night can prove to be rather expensive, cooking facilities (microwave, small oven, hot plates) are here at the Lodge. The famous Aussie BBQ is at your disposal, and we have all the necessary crockery and cutlery.

Licuala Lodge is situated in between North Mission Beach and Wongaling Beach (the other two villages that make up Mission Beach being Bingil Bay and South Mission Beach). We are approx 1.5 kms from the beach, and the same sort of distance from the nearest shops and restaurants.

One of the things that will knock you out about the Lodge is the peace and serenity. Have a gentle stroll around our grounds of this Mission Beach accommodation and be amazed at our collection of our native plants and shrubs, our gingers, our heliconias, our bromeliads and all our other exotic tropical plants. We have several passionfruit vines that do really well, pineapples, pawpaws and several species of citrus fruit. And whilst strolling around, if you feel the need to mow the lawn then you are more than welcome to make use of our ride-on mower. And of course you may bump into a Cassowary or two. We have an adult male and female that visit the Lodge on a regular basis. If you have not seen this magnificent and sadly endangered bird, then the Lodge is your big chance.

What else could entice you to stay here ?? The spacious and comfortable guest lounge has a large flatscreen TV, several board games and lots of outdoor seating for you to enjoy a sunset glass of wine.

If you fancy White Water Rafting, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef or Skydiving, then we have some excellent money saving deals. Click here to visit our SPECIALS page.

Detailed directions to the Lodge from Cairns, Townsville and the Atherton Tablelands can be found on our Location page.

Now here is a bit of a bargain - you only pay for six nights if you stay at Licuala Lodge for a week. How good is that !! If you stay here for two nights or more and book via this website or email directly and say the magic phrase 'Free bottle of wine please' and you will get a bottle of wine on arrival - wow !!


Yes you can book this Mission Beach accommodation online. The system will allow you to book the King Suite for 2 or 3 adults. The Queen rooms will assume 2 adults in a Queen bed. If you want to book the Queen room as a single, we will adjust the booking when it comes through (it is cheaper for a single). Just mention in the SPECIAL REQUESTS that it is for a single. If you need two separate beds for the Queen room (ie one Queen bed and one Single bed), again just mention it in the SPECIAL REQUESTS. If in any doubt, please email or phone. We do not allocate all our rooms to the BOOK ONLINE system so if your dates are unavailable, then email us and we may be able to accommodate you.

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What else is there about lil' ole Mission Beach ...

It is situated midway-ish between Cairns (to the North) and Townsville (to the South). It is made up of four small villages - Bingil Bay, North Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach (which seems to be a real tongue-twister for visitors) and South Mission Beach. Across the Coral Sea is the famous Dunk Island, and its lesser known but more exclusive sister island, Bedarra. We boast of over 14kms of magnificent sandy beach, and this is one of the very few places in Australia where the Rainforest truly meets the beach.

Mission Beach is one of the closest places with access to The Great Barrier Reef - only 38 kilometres away. It is also the habitat for the Southern Cassowary, a very large flightless bird straight out of Jurassic Park. Sadly the cassowary is on the list of the World's Endangered Species, and experts have predicted that the species could well be extinct by the turn of this century.

The area is inhabited by lots of other birds and wildlife, and as you would expect several walking tracks here on the mainland and on Dunk Island. And here's a good thing - plenty of good restaurants, but no fast food outlets !!! Isn't that just something. Are there many places left in the civilised(?) world where there are no hamburger chains, well-known pizza parlours et al ??

And for all you adrenalin-junkies, if you are thinking that there is not much to do in Mission Beach apart from relaxing and working hard on your tan, think again !! Rafting the mighty Tully river, Skydiving from 14,000 feet and landing on the beach, snorkelling and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Sea Fishing, Kayaking - it's all here at Mission Beach.


2006 brought us the ferocity of cyclone Larry, and in February 2011 we encountered the brutality of cyclone Yasi. It has to be said that the people of this communty rallied together, worked very hard to make Mission Beach once again a slice of paradise on Earth. So if you are still planning your next holiday/vacation then put Mission Beach on your itinerary - you will not regret it.

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Licuala Lodge - Main House viewed from the garden. Mission Beach accommodation at its best
Mission Beach Accommodation

Swimming Pool of the best Mission Beach Accommodation
Pool with Waterfall

Charlie the Cassowary, and his two chicks at his favourite Mission Beach accommodation
Charlie and chicks

So how do you pronounce Licuala Lodge ?? Lick-you-ah-la
Other pronunciations include Lie-cool-a, Lick-a-koala and locals affectionately call it Lick-u-all-over.
And you should be able to pronounce Lodge by now !
Nearby is a state forest called (spookily enough) Licuala State Forest. The Licuala palm is native to the Mission Beach area, and doesn't do very well in other parts of the Wet Tropics. We have several varieties of the Licuala palm in our gardens - as you would expect.
So now you know.

View of Dunk Island from Mission Beach
View of Dunk Island

mission beach accommodation view of south mission beach
South Mission Beach

The big cassowary just half a km or so from this mission beach accommodation
The BIG Cassowary

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